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Wir sind Spitze! prachtige band met super muziek. Deze clip is gemaakt door in opdracht van Wir sind Spitze. Show more Show less. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Wir sind Spitze! Sjoan Pupke Duration: 336.
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vocabulary What does Spitze mean specifically in this context? German Language Stack Exchange.
When refering to Spitze of an organisation, it's' not clear whether it's' one person or a group of persons but in all cases, it's' the person/group who/which is leading the organisation, the top or head of it. share improve this answer.
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Spitze f eines Gegenstands, bes. Spitze 2 f spitze Bemerkung. Spitze f fig. sports Unverified front runner football player who plays the most forward position. Spitze f Fußballspieler, der die am weitesten vorgeschobene Position spielt. Spitze f Nasenkegel von Flugkörper, Rakete.
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Spitze Wiktionary.
top, front, lead. 2010, Der Spiegel, issue 33/2010, page 70: Die Kluft zwischen den Ärmsten und der Spitze der Gesellschaft hat sich dramatisch geöffnet. The gap between the poorest and the top of society has widened dramatically. Declension of Spitze.
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Home Spitze AB.
We offer a wide range of packaging machines. 15 different models provides a solution for most packaging needs. SPITZE machines are of top quality made in Sweden and comes with a generous 2 years warranty. Spitze AB Phone: 46 430 23760. dictionary: spitze Nadel: German-English translation.
German-English Dictionary: spitze Nadel. Tabular list of translations always. List of translations starting with the same letters. die spitze Nadel die spitzen Nadeln. spitze Nadel f. sharp needle Spitze f einer Nadel. point of a needle. back to top home.
Duden Spitze Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition, Synonyme, Herkunft.
jemandem, einer Sache die Spitze bieten veraltend: jemandem, einer Sache mutig entgegentreten; eigentlich jemandem die Spitze des Degens, Schwertes entgegenhalten, um ihn zum Zweikampf herauszufordern. auf Spitze und Knopf stehen Spitz 4b. Spitze eines Dreiecks Bibliographisches Institut, Berlin Ende eines spitz zulaufenden Teils von etwas Beispiel.
Spitze Group Business Management Consultants, Blockchain, Fintech.
We collaborate with clients to plan, design and operate project management offices to build the organizations strategic execution capabilities including ERP, Agile and Regulatory Compliance. Spitze Group's' Marketing and Product Management practice helps our clients develop, launch and market exceptional products and services for their customers.
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Person A: What's' for dinner? Person B: Beef. It's' what's' for dinner. Person A: Spitze! awesome great wonderful marvelous mean spitse. by Polanoid April 15, 2010. Get a Spitze mug for your daughter-in-law Zora. buy the domain for your pet blog.

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