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Kleid dictionary: leichtes Kleid: German-English translation.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. German-English Dictionary: leichtes Kleid. Tabular list of translations always. List of translations starting with the same letters. das leichte Kleid / ein leichtes Kleid die leichten Kleider. leichtes Kleid n.
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Kleid Wiktionary.
1.4 Further reading. From Middle High German kleit, from Old High German kleid, from Proto-Germanic klaiþ, from Proto-Indo-European gleyt. Cognate with Dutch kleed, English cloth. Possibly related to klettern, Klette, Klei. IPA key: /klat/. Kleid n genitive Kleides or Kleids, plural Kleider.
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Kleid translate German to English: Cambridge Dictionary.
Fine feathers make fine birds. Translation of Kleid from the GLOBAL GermanEnglish Dictionary 2016 K Dictionaries Ltd. Translation of Kleid from the PASSWORD GermanEnglish Dictionary 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd. Create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!
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Kleid: German English PONS.
My dress with wide sleeves, is about 4 years old and probably from H M or New Yorker, short cardigan from Tally Weijl and the chain and bracelets I bought on a street market in Spain. Mein Kleid mit weiten Ärmeln ist ca.
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Declension Kleid All Forms, Plural, Rules and Downloads.
Summary of all declension forms of the noun Kleid in all cases. The declension of Kleid as a table with all forms in singular singular and plural plural and in all four cases nominative 1st case, genitive 2nd case, dative 3rd case and accusative 4th case.
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Kleider BikBok Deutschland.
A better fashion future. Größentabelle Kleider und Röcke. Größentabelle Never Denim Jeans. About the project. What can I do? The global project. Logge dich ein. Sverige / SEK. Norge / NOK. Green Friday Offer. Willkommen in Bik Boks wunderbarer Welt. dictionary: Kleid: German-English translation.
ein Kleid bevorzugen. to affect a dress / gown ein Kleid herauslassen. to let out a dress ein Kleid schneidern. to make a dress ein Kleid tragen. to wear a dress ein Kleid ändern. to alter a dress tief ausgeschnittenes Kleid n.
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