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TIP: Watch our for cheap imitations of Sherry not made in Southern Spain. Unlike litigation-happy Champagne, the Sherry Consejo Regulador and Spanish government have not done much over the years to protect the Sherry name around the world, so many cheap imitations are still sold with the name Sherry on the bottle.
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When it comes to sweet sherry, the most important difference is the fact that it can be naturally sweet or artificially sweetened by blending dry styles of sherry with sweet wines or grape syrup. Naturally sweet sherry is called Vino dulce natural in Spanish.
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In Europe, Sherry" has protected designation of origin status, and under Spanish law, all wine labelled as Sherry" must legally come from the Sherry Triangle, an area in the province of Cádiz between Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa María.
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All about Sherry: an amazing tasting, and why we should drink more of it.
Essential to the production of sherry is the growth of a layer of film-forming yeasts on the top of the developing wine. This is known as the flor, and it forms spontaneously from yeasts that are abundant in the winery environment when the sherry casks are left incompletely filled.
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These three towns form a triangle hence the term Sherry Triangle. Like Champagne only being called Champagne if it is from the AC of Champagne, Sherry can only be from within this Sherry triangle the DO Jerez y Sanlúcar de Barrameda.
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When making fino sherry, still wine is fortified with alcohol to 15-15.5% and transferred into sherry butts which typically hold 600 litres. These barrels are filled five-sixths full and a layer of yeast, known as flor, forms on the top, preventing oxygen from getting into contact with the wine.
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Other types of Sherry include oloroso, amontillado, palo cortado, and sweet Pedro Ximenez. Sherry can only be made in one place, the area lying between Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María and San Lucar de Barrameda in the province of Cádiz, the so called Sherry Triangle.
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Sherry Wines UK. RT @FeriadeLondres: We are happy to announce this year's' Feria de Londres Feria de Bristol with the support of Tio Pepe! More details htt. Sherry Wines US. How soon do I have to drink Sherry once its opened?
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sherry Glass of Amontillado, a pale dry sherry, with a small bowl of olives bottle in background. Authentic sherry comes from the sherry region, which is officially demarcated and indicated on a bottles label by the words Jerez DO Denominacion de Origen.

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