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Flavored definition of flavored by The Free Dictionary.
TampicoR Makes a Splash Introducing New Flavored Water Beverages with a Tropical Fruit Twist; New Zero-Calorie Tampico Flavored Water Beverages Roll Out in Key U.S. You'll' also find ideas in the book for exotic flavored oil pickles, popular in parts of Asia and Italy.
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Let us proceed, the partners and myself wanted to gather you all here today and tell you that you have all done a bang up job busting out those projects for us, we know you're' tired and we know we could have told you a month ago that we're' not doing so well financially on that note, you have all just been flavored.
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Flavor Definition of Flavor by Merriam-Webster.
We flavored the cookies with cinnamon. I flavored the salad with herbs. Recent Examples of flavor from the Web. With a crunchy crust and well flavored, juicy meat, this would still be good chilled. kathleen purvis, charlotteobserver, Fried" Chicken Wars, Part II: Publix vs.
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Flavor vs. flavour Grammarist.
Flavor and flavour are different spellings of the same word. Flavor is the preferred spelling in the United States, while flavour is the preferred spelling throughout the rest of the English-speaking world. The preference extends to all derivatives; American English has flavored, flavoring, flavorful, etc, while the other main varieties of English have flavoured, flavouring, flavourful, etc.
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Forum discussions with the words flavored" in the title.: bar chocolate flavored confectioners coating. chewy cinnamon flavored candies fire hot. chocolate-flavored whey protein powder. flavored and unflavored bottled waters. Flavored flavor grammar. Full flavored blend. Full flavored blend. Limber flavored ice in Puerto Rico.
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Flavor Wikipedia.
The number of food smells is unbounded; a food's' flavor, therefore, can be easily altered by changing its smell while keeping its taste similar. This is exemplified in artificially flavored jellies, soft drinks and candies, which, while made of bases with a similar taste, have dramatically different flavors due to the use of different scents or fragrances.
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While pulling, flavor with vanilla and a few drops of lemon. As the roasting also develops the flavor, it must be done carefully. Also there was a flavor of farm-yard in my nostrils and the shouting of a multitude in my ears.
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