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Rot Definition of Rot by Merriam-Webster.
Jean Nick, Good Housekeeping, 7" Ways You Can Make Your Garlic Last Longer, 27 July 2018 Mulch piled up against woody stems of shrubs and trees can also cause rot and encourages rodents such as voles and mice to nest there.
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Sometimes you can tell when something is beginning to rot because it smells bad. But the process that occurs when things rot is a natural one that you can see all around you as you walk through the woods or along the beach.
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rot Wiktionary.
From Middle English rotten, roten, from Old English rotian to rot, become corrupted, ulcerate, putrefy, from Proto-Germanic rutn to rot, from Proto-Indo-European rewd to tear. Cognate with West Frisian rotsje to rot, Dutch rotten to rot, German verrotten to rot and regional rößen to steep flax, Icelandic rotna to rot.
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Origin of rot. before 900; v. Middle English rotten, Old English rotian, cognate with Frisian rotsje, Dutch rotten; noun Middle English, perhaps Old Norse rot perhaps partly derivative of the v; cf. Related forms half-rotted, adjective unrotted, adjective Synonyms for rot.
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Sign up now Log in. More meanings of rot. rot in jail, prison, etc. the rot sets in idiom. stop the rot idiom. See all meanings. rot in jail, prison, etc. the rot sets in idiom. stop the rot idiom.
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Pod and stem blight and Phomopsis seed rot occur throughout Ohio, but are more prevalent in the southern and western regions of the state. Such antagonism may also protect the corn plant from the E verticillioides disease, stalk rot. 1.3 often the rot Liver rot in sheep.
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Disk rot, the physical decay of optical disks. Software rot, a form of bit rot. Link rot, hyperlinks becoming broken. Rot Danube, a river in Upper Swabia, Germany, tributary of the Danube. Rot Apfelstädt, a river of Thuringia, Germany, tributary of the Apfelstädt.
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Edward" says they're' all rot, too, replied Charlotte, doubtfully. To-day Esther Tidditt told me that she had understood me to say the sermons were rot. What right has she to say that I ensnared Madeline's' affection and all that rot?
Urban Dictionary: Rot.
Areas of the body that can rot are the face, the groin area, and areas prone to sun burn. A room can be deemed a rotten area if it smells or is untidy, it is sometimes known as a rot pit.
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To prevent ROT, its important for the organizations key stakeholders which includes C-level executives, line-of-business LOB managers, records management, legal, compliance and information technology IT professionals to come together and develop a rules-based unified information governance IG program that meets the needs of the organization in a holistic manner.

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