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Young, dynamic and a pragmatist: meet Sebastian Kurz The Spectator.
When Kurz became leader of the Austrian Peoples Party ten months ago, Austrian politics was gridlocked. The Peoples Party was in government in a so-called grand coalition with the Social Democrats an alliance that left a lot of voters disenchanted.
Sebastian Kurz Wikipedia.
In the course of the European migrant crisis in 2015, Kurz called for a more effective control of the EU external borders 22 and presented a 50-point plan towards integration with special focus on the areas language and education, labour and job market, rule of law and values.
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From Middle High German kurz, from Old High German kurz, from Proto-Germanic kurtaz, from Latin curtus. Compare also native Old High German skurz, scurz and Middle High German schurz. IPA key: /kts/, kts. kurz comparative kürzer, superlative am kürzesten. Positive forms of kurz.
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Is Sebastian Kurz Germanys most important politician? Coffee House.
Yet although their styles are very different, theyre both receptive to Austrian fears about immigration and assimilation. What makes Kurz unique is his Nice Cop/Nasty Cop approach. Kurz won his spurs as Minister for Integration, a new post in a new department.
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Austrian elections: Who is Sebastian Kurz, Europe's' youngest leader? The Independent.
The Independent Online. Austrian Peoples Party leader Sebastian Kurz and his girlfriend Susanne Thier cast their votes at a polling station in Vienna EPA. Sebastian Kurz is the leader of the Austrian Peoples Party, or OVP, which has just come first in the Austrian legislative elections.
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Predecessor Kern government. The Kurz government German: Bundesregierung Kurz is the current government of Austria, it took office on 18 December 2017. It succeeded the Kern government, following the 2017 election. Sebastian Kurz, leader of the centre-right ÖVP, reached an agreement on a coalition with the right-wing FPÖ, making him chancellor of Austria.
Make Austria Great Again the rapid rise of Sebastian Kurz Europe News and current affairs from around the continent DW 17.01.2018.
Austrian elections: Sebastian Kurz becomes youngest leader. At just 31, Sebastian Kurz appears set to become Austria's' next chancellor after his People's' Party won the most votes in parliamentary elections. The far-right Freedom Party may be key to his government.

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